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There are a few common sense matters to be aware of which are necessary for a successful interview.

1. Arrival.

Plan your journey so that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for interview. Do not time it so that you do not get the later bus or train and then rush in all flustered for your interview. You will be immediately on the "back foot" from the start of the interview and it appears unprofessional to arrive late for your first interaction with the company. If you are unsure of the location for interview – then research location the night before – at least google maps and the bus timetable.

2. CV and pen.

Bring a neat, clean copy of your CV with you to the interview – so that you have a copy in front of you when referenced during the interview. Bring a pen for any notes you need to make at the end of the interview or immediately thereafter.

3. Dress code.

Dress appropriate for the position. Dress in a professional business like manner for all Professional and Executive positions. Smart casual is appropriate for most skilled positions.

4. First impressions.

It only takes 2 minutes to leave a lifetime impression – so be happy to be there – smile – be nice to everyone you meet in the company and always offer your firmest handshake.

5. Research company.

Take the time to research the company that you are attending for the job interview. You should at least view and obtain as much information from the company website as well as researching their industry and competitors if possible. The company will take an interest in the candidates that show an interest in their company.

6. During interview.

Make direct eye contact with the interviewer asking the questions. Sit straight and upright in the chair. Give a positive and confident impression without being smug or over confident.

7. Interview questions.

Take your time when responding to interview questions. Expand your answers rather than replying a SIMPLE YES or NO.

Your main objective at the interview is to demonstrate to the Interviewer as follows:

  • Your Training & Qualifications
  • Your Employment Experience to date
  • Your Skills that can be brought to the position
  • Your Motivation for applying for the position

8. Conclusion of interview.

  • Thank the interviewer for selecting you for interview
  • Ask questions about the future development / expansion plans of the company
  • Ask what supports / opportunities are available for further educational or training opportunities
  • What is final decision process and when will a decision be made.

9. Leaving the room / building.

No post-match celebrations until at least if ever after you have left the Interview Room and Company Building and arrived safely home.

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